This past Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010, Self-Sustaining Communities with the assistance of beekeeper, Simone Dippone and local residents came together to build three hives in the style of French beekeeper, Warre. This fun and educational workshop not only provided beehives, but fun interaction between friends and participants while learning fundamental skills for environmental and social sustainability.

Preparation for this free workshop took nearly a week and could not have been done without gracious donations of time and materials. I would like to once again thank B&B Demolition for the recycled wood, Damen Hauswald for transporting the wood, Robert, Simone and Daniella for prepping it by removing nails, cutting and gluing, and the Urban Farmer Store for the use of their classroom and outdoor space for building. I would also like to thank our attendees for participating!

Fourteen participants were divided into three groups, with each group working on one hive. Many of them remarked how noticeably well they worked together when working toward a common goal.

Beehives will be completed and placed on the City Farm this week or next and we will be following up in the spring with a workshop on learning how to catch swarms. Two of the hives will be placed on the City Farm. The third beehive will be used to help provide a small profit source for an El Salvadoran project by a Lutheran Church in Berkeley.

Self-Sustaining Communities looks forward to future workshops where we learn and work together building a more sustainable environment in our own neighborhoods.